More than just an agency

Basso Servizi Immobiliari was established twenty years ago, anticipating the market demand  for corporate properties.

Today, thanks to our specialized consultancy, we satisfy the needs of entrepreneurs and managers who are searching for the perfect location for their company.

Basso offers a 360-degree service which includes the construction of purpose-built properties. Our partnership with Tecta Costruzioni enables us to guarantee a finished product that meets  all clients’ requirements. Due to our experience, competence and professionalism we turn your investments into results.


Why choose us

Relying on professionals is always the best choice when looking for a quality service.

5 simple but important qualities that distinguish us:

  • Passion

    Being passionate about everything we do means being dedicated at all times and by all means, by loving our work we achieve great results!

  • Intuition

    The intuition of an instant is sometimes worth a lifetime of experience! Our intuition lies in seeing what others do not perceive, observing and evaluating situations from different points of view.

  • Experience

    Thanks to the training achieved over time, we have acquired considerable experience that we translate into what we do!

  • Professionalism

    Competence brings confidence, we carry out our work with knowledge, scrupulousness and preparation.
  • Concreteness

    We make your needs our own by implementing your projects, cultivating your ambitions, working humbly and sharpening our skills to realize your dreams!


Thanks to our twenty-years experience, we have reached levels of prestige in the business consulting industry, taking over customers of national and international importance.

Today, we collaborate with the most important industrial and logistics companies and Large Scale Distribution chains, both national and international.

The passion and professionalism that we bring to our work turns into efficiency that transforms the customer's needs into results.

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