A 360 degree service

Location research

Together with the properties that we possess, we search for areas and facilities that meet the customer’s requests, verifying the urban planning, intended use and feasibility.

We carry out a proper analysis of the location, considering the logistics, viability and the territorial reality as a whole.

An accurate research that involves all aspects aimed at the success of the client’s investment.

We handle investment properties and can enhance your real estate by providing you with first-order tenants thanks to our customer portfolio.

Engineering and layout study

Due to our expertise and the support of our skilled professionals in the sector, we transform the customer’s needs into functional and cutting-edge layouts.

This includes:

  • The architectural design of facilities for Industrial, Logistic, Commercial and Management purposes.
  • 3D modeling and rendering with photo insertion.
  • Road impact assessments.
  • Environmental impact assessments.

Financial service

We offer the best rates for leasing contracts or real estate loans, thanks to our long-standing collaboration with the leading
credit institutions in the sector.

Administrative and contractual procedures

Due to our experience, we can assist our clients in all administrative and contractual issues.

In the preliminary phase we take care of:

  • examination of the urban planning / building requirements.
  • analysis of the technical implementing standards at municipal and regional level, based on the type of settlement to be carried out.
  • reporting activities, in which a report is prepared for the customer, with the complete analysis of the feasibility of the initiative, the definition of the most appropriate procedures meant to achieve the goal and its timing.

We coordinate the relationships between the parties at every stage, making the process fast, analyzing the tax and legal aspects, recommending solutions that are convenient to everyone.

In the executive phase we offer a pilotage service.



We guarantee the expertise and coordination of all the professionals involved in the project, identifying the best solution for each problem.

Our experience enables us to manage all the professionals involved in the project, respecting the objectives, timelines and budget of our customers.

We coordinate the professionals and contractors involved in the implementation, manage administrative and bureaucratic aspects thus ensuring our customers a single and reliable reference for every aspect of the project.


Turnkey projects

Thanks to our partnership with Tecta Costruzioni, it is possible to set out the property according to the customer’s needs, thus offering  a single point of contact to realize the turnkey project.

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